八國高峰會 | The G8 Summit

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Some stories are hard to translate or trans-create so they are published in traditional Chinese.

八國高峰會 | The G8 Summit


碰巧第二十八屆,為期兩天的八國高峰會在加拿大亞省的Kananaskis(又稱 K-Country)舉行。當時身為記者,將這個國際大事向全國觀眾匯報的機會及責任便落到我身上。

英文有一句說話:Swimming Like A Swan,顧名思義,指表面冷靜,內心緊張,形容這張照片內剛入行的我,並不為過。照片在市中心(Telus Convention Centre)媒體總部拍攝,還記得看見央視、NHK、法國等等媒體,我的心態是「邊做邊學」他們的專業水平。



領教過白等,第二天「佈防」卡城,報導示威者在位於唐人街的聯邦政府大廈(Harry Hays Building)附近的示威情況。騎警表面上沒有派出水炮、水馬,只有鐵馬及胡椒噴霧,平衡人權、個人紀律及治安,當然並不像韓國農民在香港會展的那一幕。

當時代表加拿大的是時任總理 – 克里田,美國是總統 – 喬治布殊,還有俄羅斯的…普京!


我沒有「二億」,只有這「回憶」,依然是獨一無二。至於八國元首討論內容,可能亦沒有太多人記得了 (Hint: 援助非洲的行動以及後九一一事件的世界形勢)。

But there’s one Calgary institution ready for the activists — the local prison. City officials say the prison has been “emptied” for the duration to accommodate 400 people in cells in the event that the protests get out of hand.

~ ABC News on June 26, 2002

About the Project: One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Recently (2022), I have been revisiting my old photo albums, selecting pictures that I can find memorable stories. So, I have hundreds of stories to tell. May this be my personal goal to eventually have all stories published as a book so that I leave a legacy for my family & friends.

Growing up in a blue-collar family, one of the hobbies I enjoyed the most is playing & watching soccer. I look back, my dad had a huge influence on me; thus, I am forever indebted by his passion because the game of soccer has shaped me to become who I am today.

人誌 | The REN Project

In The Media

“Congratulations on being nominated and your story will be featured on the REN Project.”

~ The REN Project

My first interaction with the REN Project was through an email notification that started off with the above quote. What is it? Who are they? How did they get my email address, was it hacked…? Too many questions. But I was curious. So, I replied.

Surprise,Surprise!有天收到一封電郵,內容說「你已被提名了」。仍然不知發生什麼事情之下,立即 Google…”The REN Project” (我為它改名為 “人誌”,不是人質,哈哈)。有趣,好奇,立即回覆…

The REN Project
I really like the logo of the REN Project! 🙂

That ain’t a bait. In fact, the communication led me to find out that I love talking! The phone interview, which was a very candid conversation, had me talking about myself the majority of time. But, that’s exactly what they were looking for – the content & context of my story – or in a boring term: qualitative interview.

Although between us, we were 300 km apart, we were also only one phone call away. The REN Project Leads – Megan & Lorraine were energetic, curious, thoughtful, and they are great listeners. The whole experience was fulfilling.

填好表格,確認接受提名,回覆電郵,過了數天便有回音:Brian,我們團隊希望訪問一下你。再過了數天,與我交談的是項目負責人 – Megan & Lorraine。她們準備了數條問題,相信我「好說」,所以佔用了很多 air time,九十分鐘的訪問完結。

So, here it is – the snippet of my story which has been published on their website, Facebook, and IG. Please support the REN Project by following their social media, and even by nominating someone so that more stories will be featured.

當然,最終輯錄並刊登的只是訪問的一少部份,但我很喜歡 Megan & Lorraine 的正能量以及採訪的質素。支持她們,可以關注這個項目的社交平台,甚至提名一位您認為有意思的華人故事,讓這部”人誌”可以更加豐富。

Meet Brian (credit: The REN Project)